Korebi Tales

Korebi is indeed a magical word, and it means the world to us here at Korebi Coffee. The word “Korebi” is derived from “Komorebi”, a rather alluring Japanese word that seeks to capture the radiance of sunlight streaming through the leaves of tall trees to create a shadow on the ground. Each of our coffee beans does carry a little bit of that all-embracing sunshine within their little hearts.
Do get a hold of a Korebi cup filled with some steaming, hot, coffeelicious, and of course some absolutely fantastic Korebi coffee. For one, there are only two types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta. At Korebi, we prefer the Arabica, for their inherently rich, potent flavour and blend.

For us at Korebi, every little Arabica plant is cherished and nourished with the utmost care, love and attention to detail. We grow our Arabica shrubs amidst the alliance of other trees that allow only the optimum amount of sunlight to fall over our coffee plants.

Coffee Plants Chosen with Care

Sourced from the estates of Chikmagalur and the Nilgiri Hills of Karnataka, our single origin and top grade 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected by the best Q-graders in the field. The raw beans are then roasted in small batches by a professional roastmaster in a ProBatone5.

We hate to mix our coffee beans from different estates:

We strongly believe in maintaining the original flavour of the coffee beans, and thus, do not encourage the mixing of beans from different estates. So what do you get each time you brew a cup of Korebi coffee? A classic cup of some awesome coffee.

Behind the Cup:

We started roasting coffee in 2016. The journey has been, to say the least, inspiring, but laced with mystery and adventure around every blimping corner.

We are a bunch of caffeinated souls, who derive “Nirvanic” moments of pure bliss from the sights and sounds of a coffee bean environment. We know, for instance, that the world out there is starved for some good old coffee, and so our aim is to make Korebi coffee the penultimate destination for every coffee lover. Thus, we shall endeavour to make our wishes fulfilled.

To us, Korebi coffee is well, …magical. Just like the word it is named after.

Enjoy your cuppa.

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