Korebi Clique

The Clique is our exclusive program for those who appreciate coffee. Being a part of it supercharges your experience with us, from getting coffee delivered right to your doorstep to having direct access to our team for all your coffee needs. 

Supercharged Rewards

Being a part of the Clique gives you certain perks such as access to all our new blends and microlots earlier than public release. You also save a lot on every individual order at Korebi with exclusive discounts and access to the Clique Rewards. 

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How do I join?

There’s two ways for you to be a part of the Clique. You either need to be invited by an existing member or unlock Clique access by subscribing to any of our coffees.

Clique Rewards

As a Clique member you get rewarded every time you place an order with us. You get one point for every ten rupees you spend, points earned can be redeemed at checkout!

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How do subscriptions work?

We like to keep it simple, every coffee on our online shop provides you with an option to subscribe to it whilst adding to cart. It’s that simple! No surprises, you get what you want. You can stop the subscription at any time or switch to another coffee.

Roast to order

We hand roast coffee in micro batches only after receiving your order.

100% Arabica

Our beans are curated carefully and are single origin.

Free Delivery

Free shipping across India, you only pay for coffee.

Brewing Guides Coming Soon!

Our robots are busy writing the guides, follow us on Social Media to know when guides become available!

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