The Steamcatcher - Kettle - By Shaze

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An astute, machine-crafted essential, the Steamcatcher will complement your priceless collection of teaware and coffeeware. The sleek and modish structure of The Steamcatcher induces the flavours of your best grinds while preparing your daily cup of refreshment with absolute perfection.

  • ELECTROPLATED LASER CUT ALUMINUM FRAME & SUPPORT – This steamcatcher comes with an electroplated laser cut aluminum frame and support.
  • BUILT IN THERMOMETER – It comes with a built-in thermometer that highlights the temperature of the water for perfect brewing.
  • CAN WITHSTAND EXTREME TEMPERATURES- This steamcatcher can withstand temperatures from -20° to 100°.
  • CAPACITY OF 780ML – It has a capacity of 780ml.
  • SLEEK SWAN NECK, TAPERED SPROUT & ERGONOMIC HANDLE – It comes with a sleek swan neck and tapered sprout that helps you achieve the perfect pour. The ergonomic handle allows you to hold the steamcatcher for easy movement.

Gold, Rose Gold

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